Meet Kasey!

Meet Kasey!

This is Kasey!  She is a 7 week old Golden Retriever puppy.  She is OUR 7 week old pup.  She came home tonight with us from St. Joe.  She still seems to be struggling with the wooden floors…but has already taken to sliding on them like a ride at an amusement park.

So far, she is a perfect pup.  She played with Matt & Lauren for an hour, ate dinner, visted the back yard, and then came in and went to sleep in her kennel.  We’ve yet to hear her bark, or even make a sound really.  She already seems to want to please.  I don’t know if she is tentative because it is her first night away from her Mom (Gracie), Dad (Jasper), and 8 brothers and sisters or if it is a new environment, but I’m stunned what a gentle loving pup she is.  She is curious, but not insatiably or spastic in nature.  And she’s already learning!  Seriously…two hours.

Click the pictures…if you want hi-res cute (bigger pictures)! 


Matt – She is without a doubt the definition of the word adorable. I never thought I’d use that word but she is a special case. It’s fairly impossible to stop commenting on how cute she is. She really is an intelligent dog. She knows when it’s appropriate to play and when it’s appropriate to rest. She’s also figuring out different patterns. For instance, she just woke up from her nap and walked directly to the door to go outside and before you know it, potty-break’s over. So we had to clean up the floor a little bit, but at least she’s learning where to go when she has to use the restroom or needs food or water. Long story short–cutest dog ever.”     -THE Matt Israel

Lauren– Kasey…Kasey Kasey Kasey! I can’t even imagine loving another puppy as much as I do with her and we’ve only had her a couple of hours. It truely is amazing how she has caught on to some training methods already on her first night. She definitely is not wild and destructive like the dog Marley in Marley and Me. I love how she plays with you with a huge smile on her face but when she gets tired she lays on you without a movement. She is soo cuddly and has love flowing out of her already! Kasey’s favorite spot is under the coffee table on the rug because when she walks there she’s not slipping and sliding all over the place like she does on the hardwood floor. SHE IS FOR SURE THE BEST DOG IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! (If you have a dog im sorry…deal with it)


Sleep Tight Kasey…




  1. Grandpa says:

    Matt–I thought you said your Grandpa “was adorable once”–The dog has taken over.

    Lauren–I’m sorry but my puppy “Stoney” is the most wonderfuldog in the world. Kasey will have to be 2nd.

    Kasey is really “cute.” We’re happy for you.
    Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Grandma E. says:

    I almost cried when Lauren told me you were
    getting a dog. It looks like you have found
    the perfect fit for the family. I can see Kasey has already made her way into your hearts. I love dogs and I am looking
    forward to meeting her. (I hope she likes music).

  3. Grandpa E. says:

    This brings back memories of Chopin. He was a good dog too! Lauren, I am sure that you will have a wonderful time with Kasey. She will be a big dog soon. Kasey looks so innocent as she sleeps. That will change as she gets used to you. I will try to see her soon.

  4. Grandpa E. says:

    Hello! It’s Lindsay E……I told you Lauren, that dog would be in your life before you know it. Kasey is soooooooo adorable and too cute! Have fun with him and teach him good manners:) Glad to see you got your wish Matt and Lauren.

    Lindsay E.