Irish Goodbye to Mike Murphy

Irish Goodbye to Mike Murphy

“Hey Pal!”

It’s a simple phrase.  Not Irish, per se.  Just a hallway greeting that will forever remind me of one of Kansas City’s greatest Talk Show hosts – Mike Murphy.

I was fortunate early in my career to work with true “radio” professionals.  Defiantly something you don’t see much anymore.  But in the early 80’s, News Talk 81 – KCMO was full of them.  Mike Murphy was unique in his manner.  But his popularity left little doubt to his ability.

By 1985 my path diverged, and I only saw Mike on occasion.  But not a single St. Patrick’s Day has gone by since then without churning memories of that time.  Today, like each of the past 25 years, I was reminded.  But unlike those, there wasn’t a thought of calling.  And for the first time, the “Mike Murphy Saint Patrick’s Day Parade” was held without its founder.

Mike – So long Pal!  May the wind be always at your Back!

P.S.  Don’t let the Grigs talk you in to a game of Hearts.