How to Whitelist a domain or email in Exchange 2010

If you have the Edge Transport Role installed on an Exchange 2010, mail may be rejected with the following error: #< #5.7.1 smtp; 550 5.7.1 Message rejected as spam by Content Filtering.> #SMTP#

Don’t ask me why Microsoft has buried this feature! From what I can tell, the only way to whitelist in Exchange 2010 is through the Powershell – not the GUI.  Thanks to Chris Caldwell for the fix.

Specific Address

$list = (Get-ContentFilterConfig).BypassedSenders
Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenders $list

Entire Domain
[PowerShell]$list = (Get-ContentFilterConfig).BypassedSenderDomains
Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenderDomains $list[/PowerShell]


 Adding or Removing additional domains
You can enter several domains/addresses at one time by seperating with a common, as Fredrik notes in the comments below (i.e.  *,*,*,*  However, in certain circumstances you may wish to remove only one item from the entire list.  To do this, use the MULTIVALUED PROPERTY.   Here is an example:

[PowerShell]Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenderDomains @{Remove=””}[/PowerShell]


  1. Dquote says:

    Thanks for this, it took me a while to find this one!

  2. thijs says:

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for this one. I just couldn’t believe Microsoft left this one out of the GUI.

  4. Frank says:

    thanks for this, works great.

  5. Mike says:

    Thanks for posting this. Solved our problem.

  6. KC Freels says:

    Thanks, exactly what I needed.

  7. Jeremy Alexander says:

    Thanks for posting this. Microsoft left a LOT out of the gui on this version of Exchange, but once you can find the command(s) to be entered it all works very reliably.

  8. Doug says:

    Is there a way to add more than one domain to the list at a time? I spent a good amount of time adding the domains (without the list function) only to find out it only saved the last domain I entered. Time to start over.

  9. danisrael says:

    Doug, I’m not sure. Try the conventional PowerShell command structure and see. You can always look to see if it takes properly. Sorry don’t have the answer for you.

  10. Fredrik says:

    The alternative is to comma separate the domains:

    Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenderDomains *,*,*,*

    How do I remove a domain from the filter using ps command?

  11. danisrael says:


    I amended the post to show the add/remove multivalued command. There is a link to Microsoft’s TechNet for the command…but essentially use:

    Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenderDomains @{Remove=””, “”,””}

  12. H says:

    It is possible to add exceptions in the GUI.

    Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Anti-Spam -> Content Filtering -> Exceptions

  13. danisrael says:

    H, this will add/delete to/from the “BypassedRecipients” collection, but not to the “BypassedSendersDomains.” Is there a way to manipulate it for domains?

  14. Munzhino says:

    Thanks, worked for us…