iTunes Option to Sync WI-FI not working.

I recently upgraded to iOS 5 on both my iPhone 3GS and iPAD 2. I selected the option in iTunes to sync wireless over Wi-Fi for both devices. However, only my iPhone would do this. The steps below resolved and fixed my issue:

** THIS ASSUMES you have verified any network issues to ensure the iTunes system and iOS device are on the same subnet.

1) Make sure the WI-FI sync is enabled via iTunes
2) Power Off the iPad by holding the sleep button for 3 secs and sliding the power bar.
3) Open iTunes (let it stablize if sync is taking place with other iOS devices).
4) Power iPad on.

If the problem is corrected…the iOS device will appear automatically in iTUNES.

The are several articles stating that the mobile device needs to be plugged into power. This is NOT NECESSARY or TRUE. As the statement above the SYNC NOW button on the device indicates, you must be plugged into “AUTOMATICALLY” sync. Manual sync from either the device or iTunes is possible while not cable in any way.