Chiefs Legislate Win!

Haley’s men got there first win as they wrap up an NFC East gauntlet.  But there is no doubt, the state of the Redskins, makes this “W” less than impressive.  Which leaves many asking, are they improving?  I think they are.  But in an effort to determine this, I thought I’d review a couple of items from the Washington game that I believe need improvement.  And then reassess it over the next few games. 

Matt seems to be having trouble seeing receivers that are or are becoming open.  There are more than a half dozen plays he misses deeper opportunities that are WIDE open.  And another half dozen in which the ball could have been thrown safely, where the only one able to catch the ball would have been a Chiefs receiver.

I don’t believe this is a lack of time.  There were several instances, when the wide-out had already begun to break open (having already beaten the corner or safety) and Matt decides to throw to a check down or keep and run with the ball…well after he could have launched a pass to the deeper and more open receiver.  This may indeed be internal pressure he feels from having been pounded to the ground every other play…but this will be a point that Cassel can learn from reviewing game film.   No interceptions should be achieved by WHERE you throw the ball, not by declining to throw it.

One other item to watch is “eye discipline.”  On several plays, the deep safety breaks hard towards his intended target, even abandoning a receiver on the other side.  Since he is doing this BEFORE Cassel starts to throw, I assume Cassel’s eyes are taking him there. 

Mechanically set them, then create a passing lane, and THROW!  D-Bowe…catch it!

Larry is running hard this year, IMHO.  But he gives up on the hole too often.  Plays are mostly designed for a specific spot on the line.  The blockers are attempting to create a lane, by sealing defenders to one side of the other.  If I am a blocker, and I expect the running back to run by my left side, I’ll attempt to turn the defender to my right.  If the running back mysteriously changes route and runs to my right, we have a slight problem.  My first reaction is why the defensive lineman is all of a sudden trying to go to my right.  My next reaction is, because that is where the running back is now.  And since I setup on the left, I have no leverage to prevent him from going right, except to hold.

Larry needs to run through the designed hole.  If a read is involved, he needs to set the block hard, by not giving away a direction until the very last second…nearly running through the blocker.

Sean Ryan had a very rough game last week. In blocking, the idea is not to necessarily catch the rabbit.  It’s to keep the rabbits away.  So, when it comes to blocking, chasing two rabbits is a good thing!

Sean, keep your head on a swivel.  I will say he got better as the game progressed. 

On the other hand, tackling is NOT like blocking.  You MUST catch the rabbit.  When you chase both, you catch neither.